Dog Days of Summer…Bring your pooch on board!

Oso scouts us back to shore!

We are animal lovers here at Lake Keowee Boat Rentals! Your doggies will love the boat experience as much as you do.

Mike and Tibu on a sunset drive!

Some tips when bringing your dog on the boat:

  • Bring a water bowl! That South Carolina heat can dehydrate us humans as well as dogs quicker than you’d think.
  • Consider a doggie life vest. They typically come with convenient handles to lift your dog out of the water in case he decides to take an impromptu swim break! See Oso rocking a stylish red vest above.
  • If your pup likes to chew upholstery or is a nervous pee-er, please consider leaving her safe at home. Dogs may also experience motion sickness similar to humans so be alert to make sure your dog is comfortable on the boat.
  • Take pictures! Nothing cuter on your Instagram than your dog’s ears blowing in the wind!

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